Gidgette Moshier opened the English Garden Tea Room with her husband Ken in 2016. As she neared the end of her teaching career, she was looking for something that would interest her until retirement. The couple decided to draw on their love for traveling and tea, as well as their small business backgrounds, to start their own tea room. 

Nestled in the Old Firehouse Plaza in the heart of Prescott, Arizona, the English Garden Tea Room is an upscale bistro offering breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The business also offers high tea service and locally-produced wines.

My successes. 

The business has been steadily growing since opening its doors in July 2016. In the first three months, gross sales more than doubled and the number of employees grew from five to 12. Gidgette attributes the positive feedback and growing crop of regular customers to hers and Ken’s open and communicative nature.  

How SCORE helped. 

The Moshiers’ SCORE mentor, Dick Milon, helped them find a location and negotiate a lease according to industry standards. He also advised them as they renovated the space and brought it up to code before opening. Milon advised on the pricing food and bar items, as well as creating a menu that would drive sales during the slow parts of the day.   

Gidgette also attended several SCORE workshops, both in person and online, which she says were “invaluable.” She says, “I continually refer to my notes from one of the workshops regarding four types of employees so that I make sure I am looking for . . . the right kind of employees for our business, and that I am rewarding those who are working hard to help our business be successful.”

English Garden Tea Room