"My accountant says my business is profitable--why am I always broke?"
Have you ever heard or said that? Accurate data of business expenses and income is important. Understanding that data and using it to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business is even more important. Learn how to maintain your small business financial information so you may grow and prosper.
Topics will include:
  • Bookkeeping Concepts - Chart of Accounts, Assets, Liabilities, AR, AP, etc.
  • Overview of Financial Reports - Cash Flow, P&L, Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Cash vs. Accrual reporting
  • Types and Capabilities of Bookkeeping Software
The Presenter: 
The workshop will be taught by Florence Santoro, a principal with ABS-Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions, a full service accounting and bookkeeping company located in York County.
Recorded Webinar: Bookkeeping--What It Is, Why You Need It